L46A1 Tower Crane Mast Section 1.6M

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A mast comprises 4 panels which can be identified by:

2 panels with telescoping lugs.

2 panels without telescoping lugs.

The panels provided with ladder-fixing gussets must be face to face.

The panels are assembled by 20 special fishplate bolts. In every case, the heads of the bolts are on the outside.

The assembling of masts between each other is by means of 8 shafts connected 2*2 by 4 pins and equipped with a set of accesses as described.


Model Mast section size Main chord material Type Materials Packing/40HQ
S24 1.2*1.2*3.0 ∠140×14 Split structure Q345B Q235B 6 sets
L44A1 1.6*1.6*3.0 ∠140×14 15sets
L46A1 1.6*1.6*3.0 ∠180×18 15sets
L68A1 2.0*2.0*3.0 ∠200×20 12 sets
L68B1 2.0*2.0*3.0 ∠200×20 12 sets
L68B2 2.0*2.0*3.0 ∠200×20 12 sets
L69A1 2.0*2.0*3.0 ∠200×26 12 sets

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