Passenger Hoist With Single Or Double Cages

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Focusing on client requirements and satisfaction, we have gained a good reputation all over the world! Our construction hoist spare parts had been sold to 78 countries.

construction hoist and spare parts

Passenger Hoist Steel Pinion And Gear

Pinion And Gear

Guide Trolley Cable Roller Wheel

Guide Trolley Cable Roller

Passenger Hoist Brake disc

Brake pads

Passenger Hoist Worm Wheel And Worm Shaft

Worm Wheel And Shaft

Passenger Hoist Counter Roller

Counter Roller



Safety Device

Safety Device

Construction Hoist Spare Parts Gate Roller Bearing

Gate Roller Bearing

Passenger Hoist Spare Parts Silicon Rubber

Silicon Rubber

hander switch

hander switch

Passenger Hoist Spare Parts Rack

Passenger Hoist Rack

Passenger Hoist Parts Mast Section

Mast Section

Construction Hoist Anchorage Frame

Anchorage Frame

Construction Hoist Overload


Passenger Hoist Parts Drive Mechanism

Drive Mechanism

why people choose SYM?

Through an efficient supply chain and multi-field technical experts, provide tower crane accessories to customers all over the world.

We understand the importance of time on the construction site. When we promise a lead time, please rest assured that we will do so!

SYM is a professional and responsible sales team in the field of tower crane and passenger hoist spare parts. When I first sent an inquiry to SYM company in the Year 2018, they gave me a very quick and positive response. And Elena has maintained the habit of responding quickly. Communicating with her saves me a lot of time and energy. We trust SYM and keep cooperating with them till now 4 years, SYM never let me be disappointed. Wish SYM company business booming.
SYM- long-term cooperation customers
It's my first time buying goods from China, lucky to meet my friend Roza, who is sincerely and kindly provides her professional service. She will give a size reference and real pictures When I can't give out the product's label and parameter information. In every quotation, she gives the most economical transportation plan so that one container can hold as many goods as possible. Sometimes I really think she knows my tower crane and my needs better than I do! ) I'm so happy to work with this Chinese partner.
SYM- long-term cooperation customers
This is Jesus from Colombia and I am an equipment manager. I have been cooperating with SYM for more than 5 years. Although there is a time difference between South America and China, Catalina is always online at any time, responding to our request as soon as possible. In order to meet our needs, the SYM people often work till midnight and help us solve after-sales problems through video conferences. This is the best team I have ever met in my working life! Recommend to friends.
SYM- long-term cooperation customers

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